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Please make sure your BWWC 2023 Submission ID and participation code match the ones provided in the email sent to you by the Boston Women's Workforce Council. Drag and drop your completed template file to encrypt and include your submission in the aggregate data.

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Your data will appear here after you drag/drop or browse to find your completed Excel template file above.

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Red cells indicate an error. Click on the cell to see the error message.

Yellow cells indicate the value might be outside of the expected range. Please double-check to make sure the data is correct. You will still be able to submit your data.

Answer additional questions

We have included these questions to get instant feedback as to how this process went in order to improve the process in future years. Please know that the answers to these questions will be anonymous, and they will be considered separately from the encrypted and aggregated data above.

Verify and submit your data

Please ensure that all entered data is accurate.


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